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 Electro Serve (The Technology Solutions Providers, Manufacturer) was established in early 2011 with its sole mission to serve electronics users as gracefully as possible.

 Electro Serve is a well-known organization and is solely engaged in the provision of quality products and services to the existing & potential customers. Customer profile includes transnational organizations, prominent listed companies, banks, educational institutes and individuals. Electro Serve has proven performance of the last many years during which it has earned a lot of repute through customer’s satisfaction. We are cognizant of the market changes taking place in all over the world today. While we have successfully grown up to the present level of being the market leaders, we intend to go further and develop a corporate structure for the electronic & Electric industry in the world. We are also pleased to attach a supplementary list that briefly describes a few other notable companies that have joined the growing ranks of satisfied sale and after sale services. We have been serving our services for the last nine years. Throughout these years our clients have expressed very high level of confidence through continuing patronage for us and the products and services we represent.




Electro Serve is being run by a team of professionally educated people, who keep the customers abreast of the latest changes / information evolving in the electronic world which bless increased client satisfaction through improved technology at reduced costs. Our marketing staff consists of Fresh University Degree holders who are well aware of the international marketing tools.




 Electro Serve is pleased to express it enjoys the status of that there are two A+ Certified engineers taking care of maintenance & troubleshooting tasks.  Electro Serve is also having an honor to be an authorized service center for Ever Focus & Electro Serve. For installation, repair & maintenance and troubleshooting, professionally educated staff is always available to serve in any situation. Qualified and experienced technicians have the problem solving approach through their experience and skill.



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